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Hypnotherapy and Meditation

Posted on July 20, 2015 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (2)

Meditation is not only a disciplined mind technique to achieve a higher state of consciousness. The real objective with meditation is to practice quieting the emotions, controlling the mind and relaxing the body. This allows the conscious mind to be narrowed and the subconscious mind to be bypassed- opening the pathway to activate the super conscious mind. This is were each experience varies. Hypnotherapy however guides one into a deep state of relaxation and bypasses the conscious mind to access the subconscious. The objective is clearly agreed upon between the facilitator and the subject prior to induction.The purpose is generally retrieval of information to clarify a situation, event or phenomena or straight forward behavioral modification. When practiced, both modalities demonstrate improved overall physical and emotional health with increased mental alertness accompanied by a positive attitude and a general sense of well being. These feeling can stay with one for hours or even day's creating an energetic pattern's that can be accessed at will. Medical testing found a definite change in body chemistry and metabolism during both meditation and hypnosis. It all begins with opening the mind and taking control of your life.

Personal Power with Self-Hypnosis and Meditation

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The power of projection or the philosopher's stone was a term used by an alchemist to indicate the KEY ingredient necessary for transmutation or change.The idea was to dematerialize a baser metal and rematerializes it into gold. Today, the idea is to find the invisible ingredient within the mind/body to transmute to a higher frequency, a higher consciousness, to live a golden life. To act and react from this state of enlightenment comes a realization of the "I AM" within, resulting in positive change in one's life. Really, it's a perfect harmonious functioning in ALL aspects of one's life based on the full growth of consciousness.

So how do we get there? What is the invisible ingredient? We begin by understanding our thought process. I have said a number of times in my life that I enjoy thinking, but what is "thinking". In the esoteric sense it's a necessary tool for the universe to unfold itself and grow to perfection by harmonizing the subconscious mind and the conscious mind its the designing of a relationship or functional departmentalizing between one's self and one's world. To use THINKING like a tool, you can see that it makes the particles of the ATOM oscillate to the nature of mankind's intellect and emotions.This thinking can utilize the ethereal ELECTRICITY and MAGNETISM of all the atoms. So, the magic ingredient is simple. It's controlled thought. We get their by practicing meditation and self hypnosis. For tools and training in self hypnosis and meditation please go to out our contact page for information on the upcoming Personal Empowerment workshop with Laurie.