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Fear and other F words

Posted on July 20, 2015 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (1)


I have had many clients come to me because they feel anxious or they say how stressed out they are

feeling. They usually are not sleeping well and often they are on edge and just waiting to explode. I have an enormous amount of compassion for these people, because they are living in constant distress and they are truly hurting. How awful it must be to not have the necessary tools to free themselves.

It generally comes down to one common denominator, Fear. I would like to state that there are many instigators, but the reactions are predictable and easier then ever to remedy .For some people their reaction is to fight some have the flight reaction while others just freeze. Whatever your reaction is, know that you can take the reins back and retrain yourself to react differently, stronger and more in control of yourself. Hypnosis is the most powerful tool to have in your arsenal of emotional healing.

Stress Tips

Posted on July 20, 2015 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (1)


I received a number of personal e-mails regarding fear and stress and how people are dealing with the things in their lives, whether it be a new born baby keeping you up all night, or ever surmounting bills to be paid, and for some it was dreading going into work for a "petty jealous micro-managing boss." That was sort of the jist of things.

Before I give you instructions for self hypnosis I would like to say how very moved I was by such honest e-mails. And although the fearful and stressful situations are very different from each other the psychological and physiological reactions are the same. So for those of you who are new at this let me keep it nice and easy. Go to a quite comfortable spot and close your eyes, let's begin.

Breathe slowly and deeply into the abdomen, fill your belly with air, let it become round and soft.(most people try to fill their lungs, draw your breath deep in to the belly)

Focus the mind on a word or phrase," calm" or "I can handle this" should work for most people.Continue until your breath is rhythmic.

Now using your mind scan your body for any place holding tension and on the exhale ,release, just allow all the tension to relax and release from your body.(the mind and body can only heal when it is in a relaxed state.)

when you have reached a state of deep relaxation take a moment and really feel how good it is, know that at any time you have the ability to bring yourself back to this feeling.

I hope this helps.