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Stress and Hypnotherapy

Posted on July 20, 2015 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (1)


Almost everybody experiences stress in varying degrees through out their life, with everything, it's not what happens to you, but how you handle it. Stress can be a little tricky, it can also do serious emotional and physical harm if your not paying attention. So lets pay attention. We all have our triggers, knowing how to control and understand them is made easier with the help of a hypnotherapist. The ability to move gently into a deep state of relaxation allowing your mind to become quite, is the beginning of paying attention. Hypnotherapy is the perfect solace for stress since it is two fold, first you experience great relief from the accumulated physical stress and secondly you learn tools to continue and apply these techniques to all aspects of your life. Of course the desire to alleviate stress must exist, since desire is the strongest emotion, believed to have been born with creation. Creating a new desired reaction to the same old stuff is most preferable. So I leave you with this today, stress or don't stress it is up to you. If you choose not to stress and need a little help call True You Hypnotherapy in Sacramento and ask for Laurie.

Paranormal Stress and Hypnotherapy

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Stress caused by any paranormal phenomenon can be particularly painful, this is a stress that affects one's core belief system, makes one question their very reality. What is real what is not? What is true what is not true ? One of the main issues with a first time experience is there is no prior information for the subconscious to draw from, what once was simple now becomes confusing, a-flush with chemicals and having multifaceted physiological symptoms that are often accompanied by feelings of betrayal, one certainly has reached a state of distress. The good news is you are not alone. Many people have gone through similar experiences, lets face it whenever your world has been turned upside down, for whatever reason, things can't help but be out of balance. Emotional balance is to keep all aspects of one's personal experiences orderly and in the right perspective. This is the Key To Life. To balance with one emotions is to make a DELIBERATE choice and feel comfortable, satisfied and content about the choice. This deliberate choice can be anything from anger to spiritual joy, as long as it is accepted by both the conscious and the subconscious minds. The minds decide whether it is a pleasurable or educational experience and then put it to rest. A hypnotherapist experienced with paranormal phenomenon can facilitate the process and help put you back in he driver's seat of life.

Stress and the Mind Body Connection

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Stress is deadly, it simply can impair our ability to think clearly, to sleep soundly and deeply and of course it has negative effects on our bodies systems. Our immune system should be our top priority since it protects our other systems. This is not news to anyone, there are countless stories on how stress is making you sick or more depressed or anxious. Are emotions affect our health, so having good emotional health is the most valuable thing you will ever posses. The mind body connection has been very well documented. There are many people who have very good emotional health and it is no coincidence that they share an awareness of their feelings, thoughts and behavior. When we can practice being in the moment it gives us the opportunity to check in with ourselves. To be honest and fair with our thoughts and feelings prior to exhibiting what could be self destructive behavior. Strong coping mechanisms bring balance and harmony into our lives, it teaches us how to have a healthy relationship with ourselves first, when this is learned we then have positive relationships with everyone we allow to be in our life. Stressful and fearful situations are part of our society and culture, dealing with them is now easier then ever. Hypnotherapy can reprogram how we react to upsetting situations and events, allowing the body to become deeply relaxed and receptive and open to the new suggestion and ideas. This process is liberating and self-empowering bringing people to a deeper and greater understanding and control of themselves. Remember we have the personal power to achieve what the mind creates, good and bad. So think good thoughts and your body will reward you with good health.