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Stop Stressing About Your Weight

Posted on July 20, 2015 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (1)

STOP stressing about your weight , in fact stop thinking about it all together. Let's just relax, really let it all out, feel your body go soft, just breathe and relax, focus your mind and control your thoughts, allow the loudest thought to diminish, think " I feel calm" then just think calm..... Was anyone thinking about their weight? Probably not. When you relax in your own skin, you empower yourself. There is one philosophy that says " What You Feed Grows" and that is extremely accurate! When we place our attention (energy) on something like our weight and we are always worried about it, and telling ourselves how fat we are, our attention has become the problem, not our weight. When we continuously send a negative message we will continue to manifest negativity. The learned skill of thought control changes the fundamental belief you have over how your body works. The mind is everything! Positive thoughts will manifest a positive outcome. The first step is discovering your motivation for weight reduction. (please DO NOT use the word loss or lose look up the definitions of these words in a dictionary and understand that the subconscious mind responds literally and without analysis) Look into yourself deeply and without judgment and find your truth for weight reduction, it may be health or appearance or simple vanity, whatever it is, embrace it. Start to look at your body lovingly and with respect, after all it does possess cellular memory and intelligence. Next we must start to lay the foundation of the desired change. Words have power so planting the most positive life affirming seeds is imperative. Next practice a daily mantra or affirmation, remember what you feed grows, so your mantra should be calculated. Be aware of any inner struggle and move towards balance, this becomes easier each and ever time you do it, in no time at all a positive relationship with your body develops, you will no longer want to hurt yourself with to much or to little food, you will become aware of when you are over taxing the digestion system, or depriving yourself of vital nutrients, you will intrinsically nourish yourself in the most respectful way. The way to manage your weight starts with the mind, this is when a Hypnotherapist is most needed to begin the process of change.