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More on Stress and Money

Posted on July 20, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Stress and anxiety are so common today it makes me stop and think. What is everyone really worried about. I thought I would ask around, well not surprising at all was the number one answer, money. Money, really? Why? There are so many other things that seem to me to be far more important. Is no one stressed out about their health, or family or anything that breathes? I'm sorry but I just think that stress and anxiety over money is fruitless, before anyone gets to excited I do think in the appropriate situation some worry is warranted, but usually taxing the bodies balance is far more costly then figuring out a new budget, the vast majority of people I spoke with stressed about paying the mortgage. If this is the case for you this is what I recommend. Stop, take a few easy and long belly breathes and evaluate your situation, ask yourself these questions.

Is my current situation dire ? ( have you missed or been late on a payment ) if you answered no, then your situation is not dire. Breathe

What are my option's ( call your bank or broker and learn the truth of your situation) also breathe.

Ask yourself what is the worse thing that can happen? If the worse thing is not death, guess what, you can handle it.

Now take small steps in the direction that you want to move in. Again just breath, be calm and self assured, if you need assistance start asking for help, you will be surprised how willing people are to help. Relax, your now in control of your situation.

Remember that your health and mental balance are priceless. Stress is costly!!

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