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Weight Management and the Law of Thought

Posted on July 20, 2015 at 4:25 PM

Guided visualization, meditation and Hypnotherapy are all forms of mind control. Controlling one's thoughts and being aware of one's speech to the extent that they only utter positive words, both silently and verbally is a goal everyone would benefit from. How we apply the thought control has an absolute direct affect on our health and weight. In order to reprogram self defeating thoughts, or re- script the inner voice of negativity. Hypnotherapy is the road to results. All past emotions are charged in the subconscious mind and must be diffused, for growth. Hypnotherapy can help neutralize trauma in the subconscious mind while providing the tools to change. Now more then ever people are being bombarded with emotion E=energy in motion, and e-motion is a powerful thing, The proper application to achieving results can be learned. There are many known ways to bring yourself to a heightened state of awareness, however using the subconscious brain power to scan the body for blocks and relay the information to the conscious mind through thought is really what I would like to post about today. In fact I would like to share the Universal Law of Thought as defined by The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary.

Thought, Law of-The mental activity of the HUMAN BEING KINGDOM directs the course of the ATOMS to make third -dimensional manifestations, holds the manifestation in place or frees them, according to his or her needs or desires. (briefly explained) The mental activity behind the though sends out ergs of EMOTION and INTELLIGENCE (unstoppable radiation); this emotion and intelligence together starts a rate of vibration of electrons and protons in the atoms, according to the nature and emotions behind the thought (emotion has its degree of voltage.) These atoms congregate atoms of like nature to form molecules, molecules form compounds and compounds form physical matter that mankind can perceive and use for their needs and wants.

What you think you become. Knowing your thoughts and how to balance them will provide the healthy body you desire.

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